Destinations Photographed

As a photographer, chances are you’ve thought about doing some traveling if you haven’t done so already. The journey might start out as a simple weekend getaway after a few rough days at the office.

It might be an extended road trip through several states and time zones, car packed with camera and lenses, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, nothing but freedom and the open road stretching out to the horizon.

I do find it ironic that the most heavenly photogenic destinations in the world require you to first travel through Hell on Earth to get there: over-crowded airports, canceled and delayed flights, missed connections, lost luggage, fees for checked bags, lines at the check-in counter, security, passport control, and customs, are just some of the indignities to be endured in order to reach our desired destination. And I’ve not even mentioned the repulsive edifices themselves. The English writer and humorist, Douglas Adams mused that there is no language that has ever produced the phrase as pretty as an airport.


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